Genius Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Genius Marketing Strategies For Small Business – Thinking Outside The Box

Genius Marketing Strategies For Small Business – Thinking Outside The Box

Genius Marketing Strategies For Small Business – Thinking Outside The Box:

So you’ve launched a small or medium-sized business, and you’re starting to gain some traction?

That’s great!

Now, the real challenges of marketing, scaling, and maintaining profitability remain ahead of you!

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever for businesses of any size to connect with their audiences by using blogs, social media networks, and search engine marketing to their advantage.

But, rather than hopping on the same marketing bandwagon like every other business out there, we thought you might want to know a few slightly sneakier marketing tactics that involve thinking outside the box.

So without any further ado, let’s jump into today’s list of the most genius marketing strategies for SMEs.

Influencer Marketing

An influencer is described as a person with the power to affect consumers’ buying habits and purchase decisions based entirely on their popularity and authority.

That said, influencer marketing is a newer type of marketing where businesses seek endorsement and product placement by influencers for promotion.

Influencer marketing is so effective that influencers often have massive social media following, sometimes in the millions, which offers a tremendous amount of brand exposure for businesses seeking to make an impact with their target audience.

In other words, if you’re looking for outside of the box strategy, it might be worth looking into connecting with a few popular influencers in your industry or niche.

Although some influencers may charge a fee for their services, this form of marketing is often highly effective, offers fairly lucrative ROIs, and has the potential to bring a massive amount of awareness to your brand and its products or services.

Guerilla Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson initially coined the term guerilla marketing in his 1984 book titled Guerilla Marketing.

In essence, this form of marketing is where companies use slightly more unconventional, surprise advertising strategies to promote their products or services.

One great example of a guerilla marketing strategy was Red Bull’s Stratos stunt, which involved a record-breaking, high-altitude skydiving stunt performed by Felix Baumgartner in October 2012.

Although setting a skydiving record has very little to do with energy drinks, the idea behind the campaign was to garner a ton of press coverage for Red Bull from both on and offline publications around the world.

According to many marketing experts, Red Bull’s guerilla marketing campaign provided the brand with tens of millions of dollars of global brand exposure and is often cited as the best incredible marketing strategies of all time.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you should jump out of a plane holding a banner with your brand logo on it or that you drop a thousand business cards from space.
But we suggest that you take the time to think about more minor conventional ways to promote your brand to the world.

SEM Marketing

Finally, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is another highly effective yet often misunderstood form of marketing worth looking into for any modern business.

With SEM, brands can leverage the power of search engines to gain exposure, drive traffic to their websites, and generally promote their products or services to their target audience.

The main idea behind SEM is to leverage keywords that your ideal customers are already searching for on Google and then place those keywords in key areas on your website.

By doing this, it becomes increasingly likely that your website will show up when an individual searches for particular keywords that are relevant to your business.

Thinking Outside The Marketing Box

There’s nothing wrong with understanding current marketing trends and doing what everyone else is doing to promote their businesses.

However, it’s often individuals and businesses that think outside the box, which go above and beyond that make a lasting impression on the world.

So by using these simple yet genius marketing tactics, you’ll have a much better chance of connecting with your audience while also ensuring that your business stands out from your competitors!

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